QuikCoupon App - Coupon App for the iPhone
iPhone Coupons - QuikCoupon App - Coupon App for the iPhone

Custom Coupons from You to your Customers!

One sure-fire way to increase your business is by offering Coupons! QuikCoupon allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom Coupons for your business, then Email them directly to your customers! No more having to pay to have a Coupon created, printed and sent to your customers - QuikCoupon can do it for you! You can literally create and then send custom Coupons yourself in a couple of minutes! You can also save your custom coupons directly to your iPhone Photo Gallery. From there you can post your coupons to your Facebook page, Pinterest, Website or Blog for your customers to find and use! Or Email them to yourself and print copies to hand out!

Coupons Fast and Easy!

To create a Coupon, you simply set or select a Discount amount, enter the Details of the discount, Company name and a Disclaimer. Then fire it off to your prospective customers! The idea was simpleā€¦ We wanted a Coupon app that allows any small business to almost instantly build and send their own Coupons to customers - right from your iPhone! For example, at Business Networking Group, you decide to light the fire a bit to get members to buy your products or servicesā€¦ In under two minutes, you could launch QuikCoupon, create a 20% Off Coupon on your products/services and Email it to everyone in the group! It's that easy!

There's more!

QuikCoupon also includes a QR Code Generator that can create two of the most common types of QR Codes:
  • Contact Information QR Code:
    Create a QR Code that contains your Contact information. When anyone with a Smartphone scans your QR Code, your contact info will be saved to their Address Book. View Screenshots
  • Website/URL QR Code:
    Create a QR Code that takes customers to your Website or directly to a Promotional Web page! QR Codes are great for Email Promotions, posted to your Facebook pages, Pinterest, blogs, or a promotional Web page!
    View Screenshots

QuikCoupon takes the hassle out of offering Discount Coupons to your customers! You no longer need to hire an outside source to have custom Coupons created!


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